Mental Benefits of Arts

mental benefits of arts

Although many people gravitate towards the arts because they enjoy creating aesthetically pleasing creations, recent research reveals that practicing art has a variety of mental health benefits. We explore some of these benefits today

Relieves stress

Stress out from a long week at work? Anxious about personal finances? Practicing any form of art takes your mind off the worries and actively reduces stress levels. We can see evidence of this working when we see the large market created for coloring books geared towards adults who are seeking stress relief.

Increases Creativity

Artists produce work by engaging their minds, and this helps adapt their brains to perform more creative thinking. They will notice that they are able to think more clearly, and think outside the box, while also using both hemispheres of their brain.

Boosts Self Esteem

Practicing art gives people a sense of accomplishment, which over time boosts one’s self-worth. How this works is by a neurotransmitter called dopamine (sometimes known as the feel-good hormone) being released when you finish a task. This also provides further motivation and drive for other projects.

Dulls pain

Art can be a safe and healthy form of escape from chronic mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and even physical pain. Art can effectively distract people from their feelings of loneliness or sadness, and help motivate them to create pieces of work that inspire them to achieve greatness.

Increases empathy.

When somebody experiences art- whether one’s own or someone else’s, it triggers feelings of empathy in their brain- in the same brain regions where the feeling of love is registered. Empathy reinforces the bond we have with those around us, allows us to practice forgiveness towards others, and remain centered.

These mental benefits aren’t reserved for just professional artists, they can be had for anyone who engages in the creative process, and produces art that they feel good about. If you are thinking about visiting a local art gallery or taking some art classes, now would be a perfect time!